b. 1986, HK.

Jenifer Joy

Jenifer Joy is currently living and working in Thailand as an English teacher


Britt Music & Arts Festival
Rogue World Music
Rogue Valley Symphony
Voices of the Applegate
Southern Oregon University
Madrone Trail Public Waldorf Charter School
Applegate Elementary School
Phoenix/Talent School District
ScienceWorks Museum
High Sierra Music Festival
Oregon Country Fair
Lacey InTune Park Series
Schools in Thailand
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Jenifer Joy writes engaging musical- story shows that use fun and innovative approaches to promote play-based musical learning and entertainment for people of all ages.

While 'unicorn magic' makes music accessible and fun, Jenifer's years of musical experience, educational content and cultural awareness provides solid edutainment for life-long love of musical engagement. 

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JenUwin Adventures in Thailand

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JenUwin Playtime’s musical programs are simply the most entertaining and educational I have ever presented. As the Director of Education for Britt Music & Arts Festival, it is my job to make sure our offerings include performances that will be engaging as well as educational. “The Land of Colors” gives young students the opportunity to learn about individual orchestral instruments in detail, and hear several different sounds from each instrument. It also teaches them important lessons about how to be helpful and open to new discoveries. “The Orchestral Outcast” is a wonderful illustration of how the traditional orchestra is structured, and how certain instruments, like the saxophone, might not be considered ‘orchestral’. Audiences not only learn about the history and technical ability of the saxophone, but they also learn that it can be a challenge to be accepted if you are viewed as different. The Saxophonic Spectacular” program gives JenUwin an opportunity to demonstrate her expertise on the saxophone, the amazing flexibility of the instrument and the array of composers who wrote music in different genres for it. Included in the program are songs from popular animated films and the young audiences spontaneously sing along as soon as they hear the familiar melodies. This program has become very popular among the teachers and students alike. JenUwin Playtime really involves the audience in her adventures, which keeps them engaged and learning throughout the presentation. The students learn about music and much more. I highly recommend these programs.
— Kay Hilton Director of Education & Engagement Britt Music & Arts Festival
Rogue World Music presented the show “The Magic Cape”, created and directed by Jenifer Knippel of JenUwin Playtime, to an audience of 400 elementary kids at the Crater Performing Arts Center. The purpose of the performance was not only to entertain children, but also to broaden their horizons and take them on an exciting imaginative journey around the world through song and movement.

Jenifer, performing as “JenUwin the Unicorn” in the show, is a charismatic character who captivated the kids’ attention throughout the performance. Wearing a sparkly purple outfit with a unicorn headband, she pranced and danced from one end of the stage to the other, radiating delight while deftly directing the band as well as her young co-star, Emma a middle schooler. Children from the far reaches of the auditorium eagerly responded with verbal dialog, clapping, dancing, and more; clearly engaged and uplifted by the performance. Their teachers described it as “awesome”, “wonderful”, “fantastic”, and “a bit hit”.

Another goal for the performance was to generate interest in our after-school singing program called Choristers Clubs. Several songs in the Magic Cape show are from our Chorister Club repertoire. This performance successfully introduced new students and their teachers to what the Chorister Club experience has to offer. Shortly after the performance, we began enrolling students in two new Clubs in that district.

Jenifer’s passion and special talent for bringing joy to children through performance helps Rogue World Music achieve our mission of building community and cultural awareness through world music. Her programs are creative, age-appropriate, and professionally delivered.
— Val Rogers, RWM Executive Director