jenuwin the unicorn

Hello! My name is Jenifer Joy. 
I play the classical saxophone 
Once Upon a Time, I was a professional unicorn writing shows and stories.

Jenifer offers her unicorn gifts free to the world! 
Download the JenUwin Joy Unicorn pack

JenUwin Joy & The Rainbow Band
A Music Experience "CD" with fun songs from around the world!
The Land of Colors eBook
A musical story about 6 instruments of the orchestra with original songs!
JenUwin the Traveling Unicorn Online Access
Letters from around the world with videos, pictures, activity sheet and coloring page from your unicorn pal.

Classical Saxophone Ambassador
I started playing the saxophone at age 8.
Since then I've performed and taught all around the world. I continue to share the music of the classical saxophone with delighted audiences of all ages.

Old Town Road - Unicorn Style
I love to create parody songs because I love words and putting a new spin on something we love.
This hit song was so fun to unicorn-ize!

I Love Purple!
Do you love purple? 
 Check it out! #allpurpleallthetime

Dog Lover?
Animals help cheer us up.
Enjoy this video of my cutest furry best friend Piper. 
May it make you happy :D

Support JenUwin Unicorn Magic 
if that pleases you, here is how


Why Give?
I give because I want to share, because I want to offer my creations for the joy of others, and because my creative gifts are not to be commodities. (thanks Elizabeth Gilbert from Big Magic!)

Perhaps you might give because you found value or joy in the offerings I've made. Maybe because you know that artists are supported by patrons (historically as well!) rather than organizations. Maybe you know an artist friend and want to help them share art with others. Maybe you give because you want to show your love and support for the creative work and ingenuity of the person.

Whatever your reason to give or receive, all is embraced and is okay. I choose to give and if you choose as well, then you are welcome to and I thank you for it :D

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