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Jenifer has left the US and is traveling in S.E Asia, specifically Thailand, to study Kung Fu, volunteer in rural villages and to teach English in North Thailand. Follow my JenUwin Adventures blog for insight into my journey!

Halio School Trio

Halio School Trip - Praya Loghon

Hi Everyone! I’ve found this amazing small unique school at Halio in Hua Hin (Hua means head and Hin means stone - Hua Hin has a “head stone” Buddha on a mountain at the south of town, additionally the former King has a palace here and used to reside here often. Padma, the school inventor and director, is a delightful woman, short and petite with bright red hair and a warm smile. The other teachers here are fun and lively, one from California, one from North Ireland, and the other from Austria. There are 36 kids at the school and we begin and end school in “circle time”. I am offering assistance with English, Music and Bubbles! I will begin teaching here officially in January. The kids have welcomed me with excitement and the teachers have expressed I offer something that is unique and needed at the school. I am delighted to be there and to have found a place of employment that appreciates, utilizes and support my creativity!

Halio Learning Center - Hua Hin, Thailand

HALIO stands for: Hua Hin Alternative Learning International Organization

Halio is a community organization created by parents for the benefit of their children. Our mission is to give children the space and freedom in a stimulating and nurturing environment to develop their skills and individual talents and become leaders in their own education.  Becoming socially aware, self-directed and personally responsible, they train for the evolving demands of a rapidly changing future. 

Through our intimate atmosphere and individual attention we cultivate academic excellence, emotional maturity, confident self-expression, a strong sense of community, personal responsibility, and self-directed students with a lifelong commitment to growth and learning. At Halio we are committed to producing well-rounded, independent, proactive young adults equipped with the necessary 21st Century Skills, mindset and attitude required to succeed in an unpredictable world.

The Halio Middle Years Program was started in 2006 by Padma Fischer-White and four like-minded families. Dissatisfied with the quality of existing schools in Hua Hin, the founding parents decided to start their own program and meet the individual needs of their children.  Since those humble beginnings, Halio has grown to accommodate children from age three to twelve, and coordinates with Saatsin School for Thai and English language classes to keep in accord with Thai law.   Halio's results are evident. Children are happy and eager to learn, and possess a passion and care for their environment and each other that is unrivaled.  

An exciting "freedom friday" school trip with the lower primary students of Halio school in Hua Hin, Thailand. This day we adventured to Praya Nakhon, a cave with a temple built inside! We hiked to get there, saw monkeys, slide down dirt hills, went to the beach and took a boat home!