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Jenifer has left the US and is traveling in S.E Asia, specifically Thailand, to study Kung Fu, volunteer in rural villages and to teach English in North Thailand. Follow my JenUwin Adventures blog for insight into my journey!

Arriving in Hua Hin and Halloween


Hua Hin

I came here to teach English and Music at the DaVinci International School (DVIS). Hua Hin is a town/city with bonus terrain of the mountains and the beach. The former King used to live here and there is a palace of the Royal Family still protected with guards. HH has a small town feeling, a great place to live but probably boring for tourists. I hopped on the HH Facebook pages for parents, musicians and ladies and within a few days I had many new friends inviting me to play music, come to a show, go to an exercise class, hang out, meet for coffee etc. So I immediately felt well welcomed - not to mention when I got off the train I had a good feeling inside and it smelled like fragrant flowers more than sewage or fish!

You may notice how yummy the food pictures are - I’ve included a lot of snapshots from the local evening markets and my own personal meal selections. My first free day I went to the beach and met a unicorn! For 400 baht I could ride the horse up and down the beach for 30 minutes - and that I did! I met a new friend through that encounter as my unicorn was pooping in the water. He laughed and so did I. Later I saw him on the beach and struck up a chat. We became instant friends and hung out for several hours that day. David is a vet in training, a kind man with eloquent words, deep insight and who is also aware of the journey we are on in this thing we called Life. We had many great conversations and he even shared a writing with me later about what it was like to meet a unicorn.

DVIS has 5 children at the school and have been open for 1 year. They are kind people who are eager to get their school enrolled with more students. My schedule consisted of 20 teaching hours a week and 20 empty hours where I am required to be on campus. They also requested 1 lunch hour a week to supervise the children and an additional 6 hours unpaid for a Saturday desk attendance just in case a parent came in interested in enrolling their child. This commitment was for a full year and paid the average 35,000 baht a month plus accommodation. I gave this place a while thru the week of Halloween, debating with myself whether I could remain there. I sought other teaching positions in Hua Hin as I really like this town.

Halloween at the DaVinci International School

Halloween at the DaVinci International School

A friendly encounter with the Thai police!

A friendly encounter with the Thai police!

On Halloween day I hosted a series of activities to celebrate. We did a costume parade, played bingo, did spelling worksheets all Halloween themed. I blew bubbles at lunch, met the Thai police on my break and had a merry time bringing joy to the children and staff at DVIS.

On Halloween night, I went out with a woman who reached out to me after I posted an introduction on the Hua Hin Ladies Facebook page. She invited me out to a aerobics class outdoors with older Thai people - we went on Halloween with me in full unicorn regalia. The Thai ladies were very excited to see me and cheered when I arrived! Later they wanted to take selfies and group pictures.

Bo and I had a great time and afterwards I met her enthusiastic daughter Emily. We ended immediately and the parents asked if I would be interested teaching at her school. The next day I sent an email to the director and then day after that I went and visited the school. What a perfect match! I look forward to sharing more about that as it progresses. As of the time I am writing this, I have just quit DVIS and I will start Halio school on Monday. Tomorrow I meet with Padma, a wonderful redhead and founder of the school, for apartment hunting, lunch and a massage.