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JenUwin Adventures Blog

Jenifer has left the US and is traveling in S.E Asia, specifically Thailand, to study Kung Fu, volunteer in rural villages and to teach English in North Thailand. Follow my JenUwin Adventures blog for insight into my journey!

Moving to Thailand



Summer has just begun and I am finished with my school contracts here in Southern Oregon. I have been searching for a way to expand my business and my reach to more children. I tried a variety of new possibilities in the US but found I didn't have enough resources to make the dream become a reality. However, I love working with children and feel the most lit up when leading small groups in a classroom. After much research and personal reflection, I came across the International TEFL Academy (teaching English as a foreign language). I signed up for an 11-week online course that requires 20 hours of practicum and I will complete the course August 3rd! This certificate enables me to teach English anywhere in the world! They also set me up with resources to find a job in the country of my choosing. I sought out South Korea for a while, it would be beautiful and they would LOVE my unicorn shtick, however, I wanted my first year teaching abroad to be in a welcoming non-achieving country. I came across Thailand and learned it is called the Land of Smiles, a perfect place for a unicorn to arrive! I am proud to say I just landed a teaching position in North Thailand in November. I will be leaving Southern Oregon in August. What might I do from then until then? Well, I've decided to go on a retreat to a Kung Fu temple in Pai. I will train there for 40 days before wandering about Thailand and Bali for 2 months, before starting my teaching job. What a wild adventure! I have sold all of my things, left my domestic lifestyle and am finishing out my Unicorn Services contract. People always ask about my husband, however, I have decided to move on from that relationship with love and respect for our time together is complete. I feel it is time for me to break free, pay off my debts, close my accounts and move to a foreign country with a one way ticket. Stay tune and I will keep ya'll updated about my adventures, but untill then, you can still see me at various events over the summer. Unicorns  Believe in You!