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Jenifer has left the US and is traveling in S.E Asia, specifically Thailand, to study Kung Fu, volunteer in rural villages and to teach English in North Thailand. Follow my JenUwin Adventures blog for insight into my journey!

Arriving to Nam Yang Kung Fu Retreat, Pai, Thailand

After close to 24 hours of traveling, starting in Ashland, Oregon, I was driven to the airport, took a plane to Portland, then to San Francisco, then to China, then to Thailand. I arrived at the airport and took a taxi to the bus station for 200 bot (about $6 for a ride into the center of town), then I caught a minibus to Pai for 150 bot ($4.50) which was a long distance on a windy road for 1.5 hours. Yes, I did finally puke 3/4 of the way, I was in the back of the bus with no air and a lot of heat! After I got off the bus in Pai, I got another taxi for 100 bot ($3) to get me outside of town to the retreat. I arrived and was greeted by Doug, a thin british man with a quirky smile and lively attitude. He got me settled into my room and then I was given a tour of the retreat by another Britt. We went into town for dinner and I had a wonderful chicken and mushroom dish (one of my favorites from back home), then enjoyed the walking street of Pai where I picked up a few purple Thai clothes and a purple elephant. I enjoyed a watermelon lime juice on the way home. Later that night due to the heat, exhaustion, adjustment and new foods, I had another hurl. I felt much better after that and went to bed, eager for my first day of training beginning at 6am the next morning. Stay tuned for my next post where I will share more about the Kung Fu retreat.

I am in Pai, Thailand studying Kung Fu 🥋 at the Nam Yang Kung Fu Retreat for 40 days. I've been here 1 week as of today, yesterday was a 12 hour training and today is our day off before more intensive training tomorrow. Enjoy the sneak peak into this wonderfully fabulous experience!