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Music Teacher

Jenifer Joy the Music Teacher


Jenifer Joy is an entertaining and educating music teacher. As a private contractor, or music facilitator brought into the school by a non-profit organization, Jenifer brings liveliness and active participation to her music classes. Jenifer uses world folk songs, classical music, rhythm games and musical skill building in all her classes.

A typical 35-45 minute class includes:

  • Movement warmups
  • Vocal warmups
  • 3-4 songs (some in English, some in foreign languages)
  • Music Lesson (such as reading notes or rhythm using my Rhythm Pyramid movements)
  • Rhythm Game (a participatory activity with fun beats to jam with!)
  • Closing Songs

Orchard Hill Elementary
Talent Elementary
Phoenix Elementary
Applegate Elementary
Madrone Trail Public Waldorf Charter School
Jewett Elementary
Sam's Valley Elementary

I have worked directly with Jenifer Joy for over 2 years. Jenifer has primarily taught the students various songs, dances, playing of musical instruments as well as music history. She has multiple experiences working with students in the classroom, extracurricular activities such as music clubs and fun events for students to participate in. I recommend Jenifer due to her passion and enthusiasm as well as her ability to understand the needs of children.

Before Jenifer, my classroom had music and dreaded it every day. Kids would repeatedly ask to not participate and didn’t want to do music because the way it was being taught wasn’t in an enthusiastic way and was too difficult for them to understand. One of Jenifer’s strongest abilities is her ability to understand the needs of her students. She has completely changed my class’s attitude toward music over the last 2 years. She makes the material fun for the students so they can relate and is able to move at a pace that is appropriate for the students to learn. It is honestly incredible how much the kids will be able to do, after a year of music with Jenifer.

Another strong ability Jenifer has is her passion and enthusiasm toward teaching. She genuinely loves working with the students and is excited to share everything that she knows. The kids see this enthusiasm and become excited about what they are learning. She cares for each student and always makes an effort to address individual needs so that each student feels appreciated. The passion and enthusiasm that Jenifer exudes is infectious and what makes her a successful teacher at any school she works with. Jenifer works hard for her students, is able to adapt to the needs of the classroom and is extremely passionate about helping students become the best they can. I highly recommend Jenifer and strongly believe any employer is lucky to have her.
— K.Carson, 4th Grade Teacher
I have been a cooperating teacher in the Symphony music program for the past three years. Each year I have worked with a different music instructor, managing student behavior, as the instructor taught the music lesson. This year, my class had Ms. Jenifer Knippel as our music instructor. My students truly enjoyed Ms. Jen’s lessons. She allowed them to move and dance as they practiced their songs for the end of the year concert. She added high interest songs (for children) to our weekly instruction. Ms. Jen frequently brought in instruments for students to play. She even made a game of the warm-up exercises. Every Monday my students made comments, voicing their excitement that it was almost music time! On one occasion, I had a parent volunteer attend the music lesson with us and afterward she commented on what a fun and educational lesson it had been. Ms. Jen’s energy and excitement about music was contagious. Soon, even the shy students began to participate. She changed a lot of student’s attitudes about music without a single admonishment or reprimand. My class and I truly miss her!
— S.Lozano, 3rd grade bilingual classroom teacher
Julia has been in Jenifer’s music class and after school program for 2 years. Jenifer has encouraged Julia to grow in and now love music and singing. Julia has multiple medical issues that make her look different. Jenifer has included encouragement to Julia to simply be herself and show those around her the love and respect she wants. As a family we are grateful for who she is and her time teaching Julia (and our family) new, beautiful, and cultured music.
— Parent
Jenifer has been deeply committed to bringing the joy and fun of music to young kids for many years now. She combines the most astonishing level of magic and enthusiasm with a well of hard earned knowledge. The result has brought countless kids (including mine) to love and understand music in a way that only she can do. The programs that she has developed are brilliant. I have watched children’s eyes light up over and over again at the sight of her and have seen the learning happen in real time. My daughter squeals in delight any time she sees Jenifer aka ‘the purple lady’. Jenifer has always been loving, kind, thoughtful and responsible with my daughter. I trust her implicitly.

I have seen her interact not just with my daughter, but with many children over the years. She always treats them with absolute care and respect. She is a natural leader and also has an immense desire to serve the community she lives in. Every child that crosses her path feels heard and empowered by her, something that far too few children feel most of the time. I would highly recommend Jenifer to work in any setting with children with no qualms.
— local parent and community member