Saxophonic Spectacular

Saxophonic Spectacular


Artist in Residence, 2015-2017 Britt Music & Arts Festival

A Saxophonic Spectacular exploration of music from the genres of Baroque, Classical Saxophone Repertoire, Classical, Modern and Movie Hits.        A showcase of classical saxophone music performed on the alto, tenor and soprano saxophones with audio accompaniment.

Music includes: Brilliance by Ida Gotkovsky, Marcello Concerto, The Swan by Saint-Saens, KuKu by Barry Cockroft, Lunde Sonata, Chanson et Passapied by Jeanine Rueff, Star Wars-Moana-Frozen-Harry Potter movie themes and more!

Great for school assemblies, class rooms, or music classes! Your elementary students will love JenUwin's engaging demonstration of classical saxophone music!

The “Saxophonic Spectacular” program gives JenUwin an opportunity to demonstrate her expertise on the saxophone, the amazing flexibility of the instrument and the array of composers who wrote music in different genres for it. Included in the program are songs from popular animated films and the young audiences spontaneously sing along as soon as they hear the familiar melodies.
— Kay Hilton Director of Education & Engagement Britt Music & Arts Festival