The Land of Colors

The Land of Colors


Original Story Commissioned by the Britt Music & Arts Festival for the BrittKids Concerts, Summer 2017
A musical story about a unicorn who lives in the land of Silver Sparkles where the resident glories of unicorns see only silver. Our unicorn protagonist dreams in brilliant colors, and after waking from yet another colorful dream, she decides she will go on an adventure to find the Land of Colors. 

During her journey, she encounters orchestral instruments playing lovely excerpts in the woods. However, something is amiss with each instrument as a "wonky note" occurs amidst their wonderful tunes. The Unicorn approaches the instruments and inquires about what the instrument is called, what each part of the instrument does and how the sound is being made, providing kids with a fun-filled introduction to orchestral instruments. 

Once the 'wonky' is discovered, a colored scarf is removed from the instrument resolving the issue! As she helps each musician, she gains the ability to see all the colors of the rainbow. She collects each color of the rainbow until she is IN the Land of Colors!

Original Music; Land of Colors, If You've Got, & Purple! plus 2 Classics; Somewhere Over the Rainbow & Sing a Rainbow.

 Orchestrated for 6 orchestra musicians: Red Trombone, Orange Trumpet, Yellow Bassoon, Green Cello, Blue Violin and Purple Flute with a Narrator and of course, a JenUwin Unicorn.

A 45 minute original musical & educational story

Now Touring 4 Elementary Schools in Southern Oregon
with members of the Youth Symphony of Southern Oregon - Spring 2018
through the generous donation of a private sponsorship

The Land of Colors” gives young students the opportunity to learn about individual orchestral instruments in detail, and hear several different sounds from each instrument. It also teaches them important lessons about how to be helpful and open to new discoveries.
— Kay Hilton Director of Education & Engagement Britt Music & Arts Festival

Footage from the Spring 2018 Elementary School Tour made possible by a private fiscal sponsorship

Jenifer Joy hired my 16 year old bassoonist Caleb to play in her astounding production called “The Land of Colors.”  From the moment I walked into Phoenix Elementary, I was taken back by Jennifer’s professionalism and ability to organize the stage and work with teenagers. Everything was set up, and there was even time to rehearse a bit before the elementary school kids came in. I was blown away by her energy and enthusiasm.   

The kids filed in and were mesmerized by Jenifer’s acting and singing. She kept their rapt attention for a full hour. She had them eating out of her hands and eagerly participating. They listened quietly and they cheered and clapped. Not only did Land of Colors entertain them, but it introduced them to a wide variety of instruments. Jenifer taught them not only about the different timbres and characteristics of each instrument, but taught a steady stream of important life lessons, too. She modeled asking permission before touching an instrument. She stressed the importance of inclusivity of all colors and sounds. She demonstrated respect and curiosity. Surely these are lessons that have broader applications in today’s world.  

After the performance, Jenifer interacted with the children, giving them high-fives and shaking hands. They surrounded her and clamored around her. Jenifer’s positivity and joy simply filled the room. I would recommend Jen wholeheartedly to work with any age group.
— Gwen Hutchings, parent and former Rogue Valley Symphony orchestra musician