The Magic Cape

The Magic Cape

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A story about a young girl who finds a cape in the forest. When she puts it on, a Unicorn appears and tells her with the cape she can travel anywhere she wants in the whole wide world, with the Unicorn as her tour guide! They visit 9 countries and sing folk songs that they hear from the mountains, wind, tree, sea, and land. Folk Song countries include; Korea, Ghana, S. Africa, Sweden, Israel, Japan, Iceland, Corsica and the USA.

Written for singing Unicorn, child co-star plus the back-up Rainbow Band consisting of guitar, hulusi, vibra slap, "water", bass, wha bell, recorder, cajon, "metal", tube, rainbow bells, gong, & unicorn bell.

Original Story Commissioned by the Britt Music & Arts Festival for the BrittKids Concerts, Summer 2017
Performed for the Central Point Schools via grants through Rogue World Music.

Read an article about the show in the Mail Tribune Here: http://www.mailtribune.com/news/20180115/choristers-coming-to-central-point

Children from the far reaches of the auditorium eagerly responded with verbal dialog, clapping, dancing, and more; clearly engaged and uplifted by the performance. Their teachers described it as “awesome”, “wonderful”, “fantastic”, and “a bit hit”.

Jenifer’s passion and special talent for bringing joy to children through performance helps Rogue World Music achieve our mission of building community and cultural awareness through world music. Her programs are creative, age-appropriate, and professionally delivered.
— Val Rogers, RWM Executive Director
The most positive aspect was the children’s response, bar none. To see the gaiety and delight of so many kids, girls and boys, younger and older, moving their bodies and responding enthusiastically to the program was terrific. Your energy and connection with the audience was spot on.
— Megan Danforth, RWM Founder

Central Performing Arts Performance - January 2018

Britt Kids Performance - July 2017