The Orchestral Outcast

The Orchestral Outcast


Commissioned by the Britt Music & Arts Festival for the BrittKids Concerts, Summer 2016

A comedic historic story about why the saxophone is not traditionally in the symphony orchestra.   

Jenuwin the Saxophonist bursts into a chamber orchestra rehearsal, eagerly trying to join in the music making, first joining the strings, then the woodwinds, then the brass. The orchestra members are shocked by this brash interruption, and the conductor says, "Get out Saxophone! There is no place for you here in the orchestra!"

JenUwin then recounts the history of the saxophone, describing its invention and proliferation in the musical world along with performing three classical saxophone repertoire pieces with piano accompaniment. Following that is a Baroque duet/duel with the oboe. After completing the challenge the oboist invites the saxophone to join the orchestra on the famous saxophone solo in Pictures at an Exhibition.

Orchestrated for 11 orchestra musicians: 2 violins, viola, cello, double bass, clarinet, oboe, flute, trumpet, French horn and trombone.

A 45 minute musical program

The “Orchestral Outcast” is a wonderful illustration of how the traditional orchestra is structured, and how certain instruments, like the saxophone, might not be considered ‘orchestral’. Audiences not only learn about the history and technical ability of the saxophone, but they also learn that it can be a challenge to be accepted if you are viewed as different.
— Kay Hilton Director of Education & Engagement Britt Music & Arts Festival